“The finest nose maker in the history of medicine” - Dr. Burt Brent, World Renowned Ear Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

"You are a true artist and a Godsend to these patients!!!” - Edward H. Yob, MD Past President, The American Society of Moh's Surgery"

Two-time winner of the James Barrett Brown prize

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Visiting Professor for the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgery

Past President of The Rhinoplasty Society

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I am deeply grateful and ever so appreciative of your truly welcome and much needed help! Your surgery results are nothing short of awesome! Thoughtfulness like yours indeed takes a special caring. Again, ‘Thanks a Million’ for everything!!
- P.B.S., Revision Rhinoplasty

I wonder how you create a living thing with your hands. How do you build something out of nothing? The thought of the task baffles me, but to my father, it is mundane.
- Katharine Searcy Menick click here for the rest of her perspective

I wanted to take a minute of your precious time to thank you and to let you know the true meaning of what you have restored in her. Yours is a truly special gift and the confidence in which you handled her case allowed her to focus on healing, not worrying!
- V.B., patient’s daughter Nasal Reconstruction

I feel great every time I look into the mirror. Thank you for that gift.
- C.G., Nasal Reconstruction

Needless to say, I am overjoyed at the acquisition of my new nose - something I never imagined I would need - turned out so splendidly. It is a wonderful gift that you bring the world with your expertise, your care, and your artistry. It replaces despair with hope and, indeed verges on the miraculous. My deepest thanks.
- D.L., Nasal Reconstruction - click here for case details

I think of you every time I look in the mirror and know how blessed I am to have you as my doctor – the genius….. Everyone tells me how beautiful I look and they are amazed at your ability. Thank you for making a nightmare experience quite pleasant and even fun at times…. We have so much to thank you for. You were beyond considerate and we are beyond grateful… I get compliments almost every day on my beautiful nose.
-J.D. Nasal Reconstruction - click here for case details

You are really a miracle worker! My nose is healing rapidly and I feel normal again - a delicious feeling.
- P.F., Nasal Reconstruction - click here for case details

I am so happy for getting the surgery. The surgery has changed the outlook I have about myself and my self-confidence. So thanks again because how can I repay someone who has changed my life.
- T.P., Revision Rhinoplasty after Congenital Nasal Hemangioma

You truly gave me a new lease on life, as the saying goes. My nose is absolutely beautiful; I still get compliments on it!
- D.W., Nasal Reconstruction/Revision

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our son. We couldn’t have made it through all this without your kindness and compassion.
- B. and G. S., Nasal Reconstruction for their child

Words will never be enough to express our gratitude for the work you have done with our daughter. You have made her a whole person again. From the first day we met you, we had unending hope for her. You plainly said you could fix her when everyone else warned us not to expect much.
- Mother of K.B. Facial Reconstruction - click here for case details

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a magnificent doctor and artist you are! My two surgeries a few months ago - nose repair and facelift - changed my life. Everyone remarks how beautiful the work is. I feel I have lived on both sides of appearance; that is, going from droopy and haggard to looking vibrant and pleasing.
- J.T., Facelift and Rhinoplasty - click here for case details

There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't Thank God for sending me your way. My nose is beautiful.
- K.D.

Magician performs excision: arm scar disappears!
- 6 word memoir dedicated to Dr. Menick by M.F. - click here for case details

We are back home...The result is fantastic and completely in line with the vision I had in mind. Thank you for understanding and making that vision a reality. The vastly significant improvement to my breathing will certainly enhance my overall health and quality of life as well. I have the best of both worlds in aesthetics and function. I am beyond happy and satisfied. Your staff is attentive, warm and caring.
- A.C., Revision Rhinoplasty

You restored my nose and therefore my face. You gave me back my identity, and allowed me for the first time in 26 years, to feel physically whole again. I could only begin to imagine how rewarding it must be to change and restore peoples' lives, getting back confidence, changing their outlook on life and making them ready to embrace life again as it was. Because of your surgical skills and the changes you made externally, I am feeling stronger internally...
- A.C., Revision Rhinoplasty

Thank you for giving me my identity back. While I could have lived with the scars from the dogbite, my psyche feels better knowing that I present the best face I can- with your help. Thanks for sharing the benefits of your skills with me. I am honored.
- M.T., Facial and Nasal Trauma after previous failed repair

I am thankful every day for what the Doctor was able to do for my daughter.
- D.L., Father of Nasal Trauma patient after previous failed repair

I hope you know deep in your heart how thankful I am for your skills. Let's call it a higher power that we met. I have no clue why things happen. However, I do know that our meeting each other and your willingness to come to my rescue was evident from the start. I just wanted you to know I was treated with great respect and care (kindness) which has continued to this day. I truly am a better man for having known you mentally and physically. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much...
- D.G., Facial and Nasal burn

I don't get on your side of town during working hours very often. I think in another month or so I will be over there and would just like to stop in real quick to shake your hand and thank you for my beautiful nose! Everything is going great. It gets better all the time.
- A.C., Nasal Reconstruction

Thank you very much for being brilliant, talented, and fun to be with. It was an amazing journey and the confidence Harper and I have in your skills made it easy to keep the Faith. We will never believe that we have said "Thank You" enough. God richly blessed our package of three, and it is important to include the hundreds of people that joined us in the long process. The kindness and helpfulness of Rachel and Tina your office staff.
- J.D., Nasal Reconstruction

I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are. My son will turn 18 soon and he is doing very well. His surgery all started with you and now he is almost grown! He wears a BAHA, a bone conducting hearing aid. I just want to say thank you for your very tender care of my son. His mom passed away nearly 4 years ago and I know she would join me in extending this thank you! You are a pretty decent ear maker too, and I would be willing to tell Dr. Brent!
- R.S., Father of Ear Reconstruction patient

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you worked on me today. I think it looks terrific! Your work must be so rewarding. You are life changing to so many. Thank you!
- K.D., Nasal Reconstruction

I just want to tell you and everyone else at the office, THANK YOU! You helped make my dreams come true with your patience and superb hospitality. I will be sure to tell all my friends how terrific this experience was for me. Thank you again very much!
- D.G., Rhinoplasty

I am deeply grateful and ever so appreciative of your truly welcome and much needed help! Your surgery results are nothing short of awesome! Thoughtfulness like yours indeed takes a special caring. Again, "Thanks a Million" for everything!!
- P.S., Revision Rhinoplasty

I wanted to thank you again for the great work that you did on my nose. My wife and I are very pleased. You are truly gifted. God bless.
- K.V., Nasal Reconstruction

Thank you for making a beautiful nose. I’ve always wanted a “normal” looking nose and without you I wouldn’t have had this life altering opportunity. You amaze me.
- L.S., Congenital Nasal Deformity Reconstruction

My nose is healing very well and it looks great. I must admit that I am really loving my new nose! Thank you very much Dr. Menick.
- C.M., Rhinoplasty

Your work is beautiful and so reminiscent of the Wabi Sabi concept but did you know that this advanced aesthetic concept is also a perspective and philosophy of life? Thanks for changing my life. I feel so vibrant and alive as a result of your work.
- A.C., Revision Rhinoplasty

Some gifts you hold in your hand: Some you hold in your heart. We are so grateful for the blessing of you! My family and I want to extend a sincere thank you for giving me my life back. You are a special man: Your heart heals us and your hands make us beautiful again. Dr. Menick, you create gifts like no other. No words could ever express the thankfulness I feel for you, your office staff and your hospital team...
- C.J., Nasal Reconstruction after Dogbite

Everything is going great and I have significant feeling in the nose. Once in a while certain vibrations (like singing) cause a most intense tickling/itching sensation. It’s kind of weird and exciting all at the same time. It gets better all the time. Thank you so much.
- A.C., Nasal Reconstruction

I am writing just to let you know that I am very happy with my nose now. It really changed my life a lot, now I can take lots of pictures of my face (it doesn’t matter if the light is in my face), it always looks great and I am very confident meeting people, I don’t have to hide anymore. I had some concerns about the high bridge but after 2 months I started being 100% happy. All the rib pain in the end was worth it. Thanks a lot for what you have done for me and I hope you will make many other patients happy.
- R.F., Revision Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Patient Care

Cosmetic surgery is elective and cosmetic surgery patients are usually healthy. Most procedures are performed as an outpatient. Occasionally, they will stay overnight in the hospital for the control of pain or nausea, for help in simple daily care, or for observation to prevent or treat a possible complication. Few bandages are necessary. Patients need tender loving care, some assistance with simple wound care, the application of ice or lubricating ointment to the eye, and modest help with the needs of everyday living. When possible, they can recover with help at home.


1. Many facial procedures are performed as an outpatient and do not require staying overnight at the hospital. However, the patient may choose to remain in the hospital for convenience or ,because of the length of the procedure and mild to moderate discomfort, wish to stay overnight in the hospital as a short stay. The primary post-op need is reassurance, intravenous or oral pain medication, and intravenous medication for the treatment of nausea.

2. Drains may be placed to minimize swelling and facilitate a more rapid recovery.

3. When lower lid surgery is performed, a single suture may be placed in the lateral corner of each eye to minimize eyelid irritation and help maintain the correct position of the lower lid during healing. These sutures prevent the eye from opening completely but do not occlude vision completely- the patient can see, although the eyelid slit appears temporarily smaller. The sutures are removed within 2 to 3 days after surgery by Dr. Menick.
Because many patients tend to sleep with their eyes open after surgery, a bland eye ointment is applied to the white of the eye, especially at night while sleeping and in the daytime, as necessary, to prevent irritation. Ice compresses are applied to decrease swelling and increase comfort. Ice and tap water can be placed in a bowl with a washcloth or 4 x 4’s wet with cold water, rung out, and laid across the eyes, replacing them as necessary.

4. Complications are rare, but can occur. A post-operative hematoma — usually appearing as a significant lateral facial and neck swelling, often one-sided and sometimes associated with increasing discomfort — can occur. A hematoma of the eyelid can, on very rare occasions, lead to blindness after lower lid blepharoplasty.

After Surgery

1. Sleep with your head up to decrease swelling

2. Shower and shampoo on the day after surgery. If the drain is still in place, do not shampoo until it is removed.

3. Apply a cold wet washcloth across the eyes to soothe the area, decrease swelling and cleanse any stitches or crusts.

4. Wash the incisions with soap and water each day. Ointments such as Vaseline, Aquaphor, or bacitracin can be applied, if desired. They are not normally applied within or near the hair to avoid messiness.

5. If a facelift is performed, use a small pillow or folded towel behind the neck when in bed or sleeping, rather than a large pillow. It is important to keep the chin up and the neck extended to prevent folding of neck skin onto itself, after a facelift. Avoid flexing the neck onto the chest. When watching TV or reading, keep the chin up, not down. Do not watch television or read in bed with the chin on the chest. Read a book elevated on a book stand or with your elbows on your knees so that your chin remains extended.

6. Expect facial swelling to increase for 48-72 hours. It will then gradually decrease over a few days to 10 days.

7. Apply a bland lubricating eye ointment at night and bland saline eye drops during the day, if needed, to lessen eye irritation. These are available without prescription from any drugstore. Applying ointment to the whites of your eyes each night and when sleeping prevents irritation. A temporary stitch is often placed to partially close the eyes so they do not open fully for a few days. It is removed one to two days after surgery. Blurry vision is common after eyelid surgery for a few days.

8. Use water and very diluted Johnson’s “no tears baby shampoo” as a soap to clean your eyelashes and around the eyes.

9. If a lower lid blepharoplasty is performed, massage the lower lid 5 times a day by placing the index finger on the skin of the lower lid just above the cheekbone and under the eyelashes. Push in and up to stretch the lower lid skin to cover the pupil. Then release the pressure and let eyelid fall back. Lift and apply pressure 5 times a day. This massage is started two days after lower lid surgery and is continued for 4 weeks or longer. This massage helps decrease postoperative swelling and improves healing and eyelid position. Do not pull the eyelid down- only up.

10. You can apply makeup to normal skin to cover bruising whenever you wish but do not apply makeup on incisions until they are completely healed. Use makeup that is easy to remove without excessive rubbing.

11. Expect numbness of the facial skin and any area of facial surgery for months after surgery. You will notice mild tenderness and firmness in the area of surgery for months.